Classic "M" Bottles

The Classic Moreno "M" Bottles feature our Moreno BHLV logo in metallic Silver, Gold, White or Red on a variety of bottles including black, white, clear, natural and gold leopard print, gold and red metallic leopard print as well as zebra print. 

Our Classic Moreno "M" Bottles come in Rosé and Brut.

Our Rosé features Mendocino Pinot Noir Grapes which create a lively expression of assertive fruitiness and fresh summer berries with a light rose nose, creamy texture and smooth finish.

Our Brut is a succulent blend of Mendocino Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and French Colombard Grapes create a rich expression of balanced ripe exotic fruit, not too dry not too sweet, with a light honey apple nose and smooth finish.